What's New

Version 3.8.2 - bugfix release

Released on 17.3.2017
This is only a minor update that brings minor features or bugfixes to the program.
  • feature - Changed Home screen with links to Tips & Tricks

  • feature - Updated initial historical data given with the program

  • feature - Added OpenBarDelay parameter to EA
    When trading daily strategies some brokers have technical delay during midnight, and because of that trades placed at midnight were not accepted. This parameter allows to postpone the signal few minutes later, to avoid this technical delay.

  • bugfix - Improved handling of pending orders
    When pending order is replaced with a new one, it is no longer deleted and placed anew, instead it modifies the existing order when possible. This reduces the number of orders sent to the brokers, and then deleted, which caused problems with some brokers if it happened too often.

  • bugfix - Updated Money management for gold and silver
    You no longer need to use 10x multiplier when specifying size for gold/silver srategies in MT4.

Upgrading from previous version?
Installer automatically recognizes previous version and updates it. All your data and settings will remain intact.

Version 3.8.1 - bugfix release

Released on 25.6.2015
This update contains few bugfixes in backtesting engine and code generation that fix problems when tests in SQ don't match tests in the target platform.
  • bugfix - Tradestation code generation & backtesting
    There were few bugfixes in generation of Tradestation code in StrategyQuant that fix various special cases. If you use Tradestation/MultiCharts please re-export your strategies to EasyLanguage using this new version.

  • bugfix - Fix in NinjaTrader class
    There was a fix in NinjaTrader class that rarely caused creating stop loss with just one contract instead of all open contracts.
    Note! If you use NinjaTrader please reimport the updated
    {SQ}/custom_indicators/SQ_NinjaTrader.zip into NinjaTrader as described in Users Guide.

  • bugfix - MetaTrader4 code generation
    There was a bugfix related to profit trailing in MetaTrader code generator. If you use MT4 and profit trailing in your strategies please re-export your strategies to EA using this new version.

Version 3.8.0 - new feature release

Released on 15.11.2014
This update contains mainly support for new trading platform (Tradestation).
  • feature - Support for Tradestation platform
    SQ now supports generating strategies in EasyLanguage ready for Tradestation trading platform. Tradestation is an advanced platform used mainly for trading commodities, futures, stocks, ETFs.
    Note! Make sure you test your Tradestation strategies on paper account before you'll run it on real account with real money. Please report any mistake or problem related to Tradestation code.

  • bugfix - Fixed incorrect recognition of small-period range data during data import
    There was a problem recognizing type of data for very small range data (range 3 or less ), it is fixed now.

Version 3.7.0 - bugfix & minor features release

Released on 20.8.2014
This update contains several bugfixes and speed improvements.
  • feature - 3D charts and improved conditions for Walk Forward evaluation
    WF results are now displayed on a special 3D chart, allowing you to see performance for all the parameters combinations. 3D chart can display any value - from total robustness score, to Net Profit, Drawdown, Sharpe ratio, Profit Factor or Number of trades for every Walk Forward optimization. Robustness score criteria are now fully flexible and configurable, you can define your own matching criteria and threshold values.
    We also updated the Walk-Forward Optimization and Walk-Forward Matrix articles with description of new features.
  • feature - Optimization 3D chart
    You can display 3D chart also after running a simple optimization - 3D chart is a visual representation of how the strategy's parameters affect its trading performance. The 3D graph reveals the most robust parameter zones, and is a great tool for avoiding over-optimization (curve-fitting).

  • bugfixes - Middle values for custom indicator corrected to floating number

  • bugfixes - Fixed export format for NinjaTrader data for some special Locale settings - for German and potentially other locations the data from NinjaTrader were exported incorrectly and as a result couldn't be imported to SQ. It is fixed now with the new version of SQDataExport indicator (included)

  • bugfixes - Fixed bug in sorting by MAE/MFE

  • bugfixes - Fixed bug that caused that some formats of data files couldn't be imported

  • bugfixes - Fixed scrolling for optimization run parameter values

Version 3.6.3 - bugfix release

Released on 23.5.2014
This update contains several bugfixes and speed improvements.
  • feature - Improved speed of testing and strategy generation
    Further increased speed of backtesting and strategy generation by another 10-20%

  • feature - Memory usage optimization for log window
    The system should use constant memory even after long time of running, log area now stores only last 2000 lines.

  • feature - Improved data import speed
    Tick data are now imported almost 2x faster

  • feature - The 64-bit version should now start with maximum memory set to 6 GB by default
    You can still control the memory amount by parameter, but the default maximum amount was increased to 6 GB

  • bugfixes - Fixed problem with strategies recovery in Retest

  • bugfixes - Fixed problem that caused freezing during data import

  • bugfixes - Fixed rare problem when saving multiple strategies with date prefix

  • bugfixes - Fixed problem with setting Shift to 0 for some building blocks when opening strategy in Editor

  • bugfixes - MT4 EA checks if the pending order was successfuly deleted when it should be replaced
    This should avoid opening duplicate pending orders

Version 3.6.2 - bugfix release

Released on 5.5.2014
This update contains several bugfixes and speed improvements.
  • feature - Improved speed of testing and strategy generation
    Increased speed of backtesting and strategy generation by 5-15%

  • bugfixes - Bugfixes in generated NinjaTrader code
    corrected functions for Bollinger Bands and Higher/Lower building blocks
    Note! If you use NinjaTrader please reimport the updated
    {SQ}/custom_indicators/SQ_NinjaTrader.zip into NinjaTrader as described in Users Guide.
    There were new parameters added to NinjaTrader functions for Bollinger Bands and Higher/Lower, so if you used these indicators in your NT strategies you'll need to re-export them to source code using StrategyQuant again.

Version 3.6.1 - bugfix release

Released on 23.4.2014
This update contains several bugfixes and speed improvements.
  • feature - Improved speed of testing and strategy generation
    SQ is once again faster than before.

  • feature - Increased number of strategies that can be combined to portfolio to 100

  • bugfixes - Corrected bug in save last settings that didn't keep market sides of strategy

  • bugfixes - Corrected bug with missed trades when saving strategies

  • bugfixes - Corrected bug with Range/Renko charts support in Optimizer

  • bugfixes - Corrected bug in Strategy Editation when editing Exit After X Bars

  • bugfixes - Corrected custom conditions handling for portfolios and additional data

Version 3.6 - new features release

Released on 9.4.2014
This update contains support for Range/Renko bars and many other smaller enhancements and fixes.
  • feature - Support for Range / Renko charts
    SQ now supports Range & Renko charts, which enables a new class of strategies.
    In NinjaTrader you can work with these charts normally, for MetaTrader you need a special plugin from AZ Invest.
  • feature - Updated NinjaTrader strategy codes
    Note! If you use NinjaTrader please reimport the updated
    {SQ}/custom_indicators/SQ_NinjaTrader.zip into NinjaTrader as described in Users Guide.
  • feature - Updated formula to compute % returns (Yearly Avg % return etc.) to use Time-Weighted Return
    (TWR) is a measurement required by the Global Investment Performance Standards published by the CFA Institute. Its distinguishing characteristic is that cash inflows, cash outflows and amounts invested over different time periods have no impact on the return.
  • feature - Walk-Forward optimizer now computes also the parameters to be used in the future
    WF optimizer now computes also strategy parameters that should be used in the future - it saves you one optimization run
  • feature - Retester implemented using parallel threads
    until now retester (not builder) used only single thread
  • feature - Added info display to SQ EAs
    SQ EAs now display information about the last order and total profit on chart in MetaTrader
  • feature - Improved Money management settings
    removed microlots check and added settings for more detailed options
  • feature - Automatic distribution of optimization parameters
    simple feature that allows you to automatically set Start, Stop and Step values for optimization parameters
  • bugfix - Fixed bug in Optimizer causing it to work slowly for big number of combinations
    there was a bug that caused optimizer to repeatt itself when displaying (not testing) the parameters. This caused worse performance for big number of tests.
  • bugfix - Fixed bug in strategy parameters naming
    there were some cases when indicator parameters had wrong names
  • bugfix - Fixed problem with custom conditions on additional data and portfolio
    some custom conditions on additional data nad portfolio didn't work correctly before
  • bugfix - Fixed error when displaying portfolio values in databank
    some portfolio and additional data were not displaying correctly in databank

Version 3.5.1 - bugfix release

Released on 27.2.2014
This update contains one important fix - it allows you to save the strategies tested with additional data, there was a bug in version 3.5 that prevented that.
  • bugfix - Fixed problem saving strategies with Additional data

  • bugfixes - Bugfixes in Pivots code generated in EA

  • bugfixes - Bugfixes in generated NinjaTrader code - added few missing building blocks
    Note! If you use NinjaTrader please reimport the updated
    {SQ}/custom_indicators/SQ_NinjaTrader.zip into NinjaTrader as described in Users Guide.

Version 3.5 - new features release

Released on 21.2.2014
This update contains many new features - support for NinjaTrader (futures, stocks, ETFx), 3 parts genetic evolution approach, greatly improved Walk-Forward optimization speed and much more.
  • feature - Suppot for NinjaTrader platform
    SQ now supports generating strategies for another trading platform. NinjaTrader is an advanced platform used mainly for trading commodities, futures, stocks, ETFs.
    Note! Make sure you test your NinjaTrader strategies on paper account before you'll run it on real account with real money. Please report any mistake or problem related to NinjaTrader code.

  • feature - 3 data parts approach
    An optional feature allows to divide the history data to three parts - training, validation, out of sample. Dividing data to three parts allows us to control the evolution better.
    By comparing performance on Training vs Validation part we can decide to restart the evolution to avoid wasting time on evolution going nowhere.

  • feature - Greatly improved Walk-Forward optimization speed
    There is a new type of Walk-Forward optimization available - Simulation - which can improve the speed of computing Walk-Forward optimization or WF matrix 10-100x.

  • feature - Improved Walk-Forward success criteria
    WF success criteria are now fully dynamic - every criterion can be modified and the impact on test result is immediately visible.

  • feature - Improved program backtesting speed and usage of all cores
    many speed enhancements were made in the program, backtests should now run much faster (2-5x) than in previous version and they should be able to utilize all the available cores.

  • feature - New build-in indicator - Pivots
    support for Pivot PP, R1, S1, R2, S2, R3, S3 values

  • feature - New build-in operator - Closes Above/Below
    new operator that returns true if price closes above/below given value

  • bugfixes - Compatibility with MetaTrader 4 Build 600+
    small corrections in generated EA code so that it is compatible with new MT4 Build 600/604

  • bugfixes - Numerous smaller bugfixes
    many corrections and bugfixes related to data import, strategy loading, testing, displaying results, etc.

  • Version 3.1 - features & bugfix release

    Released on 4.10.2013
    This update contains few chart improvements as well as some important bugfixes
    • feature - Added optional drawdown subchart to the equity chart
      You can see money or percentage drawdown for every trade

    • feature - Optional lines that show In Sample and Out of sample equity
      by turning this feature on you'll see the slope of IS vs OOS equity at once and quickly filter out strategies with declined performance

    • feature - Choice of fitness computation - from main data or portfolio
      this feature enables creating more robust strategies by computing fitness from whole portfolio results, instead of only from main data

    • feature - Additional columns for portfolio added to databank views
      now you can display columns for portfoio IS and OOS results in databank

    • feature - Added new language translations for French and Czech

    • feature - Recommendation of correct value when there is error in ATR coefficient

    • feature - Retest button added also to Optimize/Improve databanks

    • bugfix - Fixed few bugs in optimizer
      there were smaler bugs fixed that affected optimization results under special circumstances

    • bugfix - Corrected problems with automatic custom indicators import

    • bugfix - Fixed bug related to use of custom indicators

    Version 3.0.3 - bugfix release

    Released on 15.8.2013
    This is a small bugfix release fixing several bugs that appeared in version 3.0.2
    • feature - Added possibility to export multiple strategies to source code

    • feature - Program now remembers last opened folder separately for different load/save dialogs

    • feature - Improved import speed for tick data

    • bugfix - Fixed error with non editable Note field in strategy

    • bugfix - Fixed error with H4 timeframe computation

    Version 3.0.2 - bugfix release

    Released on 9.8.2013
    • feature - new PriceRangeConstant building block
      enables comparison of price range (ATR, price difference, BB range) to a given number of pips.

    • feature - multi language support
      StrategyQuant can now be translated to another languages, and program language can be chosen from View menu. Details about translating SQ to another language can be found in the How to... section of the manual.

    • feature - Improved Walk Forward results behavior
      many small improvements - WF report now remembers selected cell, parameters are sorted by optimized parameters first, etc.

    • feature - New columns for portfolio, additional data and robustess tests can be displayes in databanks
      UsingManage View you can now display also columns with portfolio, additional data or robutsness tests results in databank

    • feature - Added Fixed amount money management also to generated EA
      Now it is possible to turn Fixed amount MM by setting EA parameter UseFixedMoney=true

    • bugfix - Corrected bug in automatic import of custom indicators

    • bugfix - Cost per turn is implemented

    • bugfix - Displaying Out of Sample period for portfolio

    Version 3.0.1 - bugfix release

    Released on 5.7.2013
    • feature - new HighestInRange, LowestInRange building blocks
      new indicators that return highest or lowest of a given time range, specified by hour:minute to hour:minute. This enables creating time range breakout strategies, for example breakout of Asian session.

    • bugfix - Corrected problem with elitism in genetic evolution
      Elitism didn't work properly and as a result elite strategies were thrown away after one generation. This bugfix improves genetic evolution results.

    • bugfix - Corrected small mistake in Exit After X bars node
      In some special cases when multiple trades were opened at the same time it didn't work as expected. It is fixed in both SQ and generated EA code.

    • feature - Added new label in Optimizer that displays number of tests to run
      it provides information on how many optimizing tests were already performed from the total number of tests.

    • bugfix - Corrected optimizer issues with negative values
      Optimizer now correctly handles negative numbers optimization of parameters with negative values.

    • bugfix - Corrected optimizer issues with extreme number of tests
      Optimizer now correctly handles extreme number of number of optimizations when using brute force method.

    Version 3.0.0 - new major release

    Released on 11.6.2013
    • More robust trading engine and faster backtesting
      Trading engine was improved to be much more robust. This means that the strategies generated by GB are not that sensitive on small price changes and their testing is much more reliable. The backtesting engine is also much faster.

      Note! Because of changes in the trading logic to make strategies more robust, some old strategies generated with previous version of GB might return different results when retested with the new version.

    • Program divided to 4 logical areas: Build, Retest, Improve, Optimize
      There are different actions you can do with strategies, they are now clearly separated into their own tabs.

    • Money Management
      Three modes of money management are now supported in GB, so you can testthe results of your strategy trading with bigger sizes as your account grows.

    • Improve mode - add or replace
      Improve mode now supports also add function that will add new condition to already existing one (instead of replacing whole entry rule).
      This enables testing the effect of adding additional conditions to the strategy.

    • Robustness tests
      Allow you to test the performance of the strategy using Monte Carlo analysis on various stress conditions. If strategy passes rubustness test it means it is really robust and can handle a range of market conditions.

    • Added new advanced performance metrics
      Van Tharp Expectancy, Annual % Return and so on

    • Optimizer with Walk-Forward and Matrix analysis
      Build-in optimizer with support for walk-forward analysis and walk-forward matrix analysis. Now you can optimize your strategies in GB.
      With Walk-Forward optimization you can verify if periodical optimization would have positive effect on strategy performance and with WF Matrix you can find the best optimization period as well as test the strategy for robustness.

    Version 2.2.1 - bugfix release

    Released on 25.10.2012
    • bugfix - Corrected small UI issues when using Windows with bigger default fonts

    • bugfix - Corrected problem with generation of short rule

    Version 2.2.0 - upgrade release

    Released on 15.10.2012

    Version 2.2 contains several big-impact improvements that enable generation of new class of strategies - the possibility to reverse the open order and trading at the open of the bar.

    It also contains new strategy analysis functions and new strategy quality measures - the Stagnation period, Degrees of Freedom and strategy Complexity.

    An important update is also the possibility to manage views and to create custom filtering conditions using all the strategy backtest properties.

    • feature - New order type - Enter/Reverse at Market (Reverse Position)
      Standard Enter at Market works only if there is no position opened, otherwise it is skipped.
      With Enter/Reverse at Market if there is a position in opposite direction it will be closed and position into a new direction is opened.

      So let's say you have buy order opened and EA places new Enter/Reverse at Market Short order. The existing buy order is closed, and new short order is opened.

      This is relatively small addition, but it opens possibility to generate a whole new class of strategies in StrategyQuant, that will be able to reverse positions as the trend reverses.

    • feature - New testing precision - Trade on Bar Open
      New test precision mode Trade on Bar Open was added. In this mode, the system will check for signals and places trades only at the open of a bar.

      This is valid not only for opening the trade, but also for closing the trade on stop loss or profit target. If the trade reaches its stop loss or profit target, it is NOT closed immediately at this level, but at the open of the next bar!

      This mode has several advantages:
      - The backtest in this mode is very fast in both StrategyQuant and MetaTrader
      - The backtest precision is much higher than with other modes - there are no tick data issues; everything what happens inside the bar is ignored, so the backtests in both GB and MT4 will return the same results.
      - Suitable also for scalping strategies on M1 and M5 data
      - Strategy is not sensitive on small tick changes - much bigger robustness

    • feature - New EA generator - MT4 Special EA - Trade on Bar Open
      This is a special EA generator that generates EAs that trade at the open of bar only. Compatible only with Enter at Market commands.
      EA generated this way will be 100% compatible with the strategy tested in GB using the Trade on Bar Open test precision.

    • feature - Stagnation Period
      Stagnation Period is a new powerful property that comes out of strategy backtest - it returns number of days or % of total days of the longest stagnation period.

      Stagnation period is a period for which the strategy didn't make any profit.

      Stagnation is visible in the Databank and it can be displayed also on the chart (see the red background area in picture below).

    • feature - New tab Results -> Trade Analysis
      New tab in Results is a Trade Analysis - it enables you to quickly analyze any strategy using its yearly performance and many other additional charts.

    • feature - Improved screen Results -> Strategy Settings
      This screen allows you to compare the settings used in the last strategy tests with the current settings of the program, allowing you to check if you are testing your strategy with the same settings as last time.

      The differences are displayed with red color and you have the possibility to load settings from the strategy with a click on Load Settings from Strategy button.

    • feature - Added new configurable views
      The Databank now has fully configurable views. You can define your own views using only columns you want to see. You can have unlimited number of custom views and you can easily switch between them.

    • feature - Added new Note column to Databank strategies
      There's a new optional Note column in the Databank that allows you to write short notes to your strategies. This way you can write your comments or your own ranking during the strategy evaluations.

      To see the Note column you have to define your own custom view.

      To remember the note with your strategy you have to save the strategy. If you'll close the program or the strategy without saving it, the note will be not saved.

    • feature - Added possibility to use real or fixed spread for real tick data
      If you use real tick data precision, you can now choose if you want to test using fixed spread (specified in Data tab) or real spread that exists in the imported data.
    • feature - New Strategy Option - Enter only once per bar
      If it is checked, the strategy will not open more than one trade per bar. For example if the trade closes in a given bar (because of exit rule or stop loss, profit target, etc.), it won't allow opening new position until the current bar finishes.

      This improves testing reliability and also makes strategy more robust against small tick changes.

    • feature - New Strategy Option - Close also pending Stop/Limit orders
      This setting has to be used together with Exit at end of day / end of range. If it is checked, it will close also all the pending orders at the end of range.

      Otherwise pending orders remain active even if we are outside the time range (this was the default behavior until this version).

    • feature - New Custom Conditions
      Custom Conditions in Settings -> Strategy Ranking now contains a full list of all available strategy parameters that can be used in the custom conditions.
    • feature - New Strategy and Backtest Parameters
      Strategy parameters (in Databank and Overview) now include two new properties:

      Degrees of Freedom - in a trading system relates to the number of criteria that are used to filter price action and/or volume and determine entry points. The more criteria and variables used to determine entry timing points, the fewer degrees of freedom the system will have and vice versa. Degrees of freedom are compute from strategy complexity and number of trades. The simpler the strategy is, the more degrees of freedom it will have. For this property, the bigger value is better.

      Complexity - measures the complexity of the strategy. It is simply a count of all the indicators, prices, operators and other building blocks that are used in the strategy. The higher this number is, the more “complicated” the strategy is. For this property, the smaller value is better.

      Both properties can be used also in the ranking to influence the Fitness function.

    Version 2.1.3 - bugfix release

    Released on 25.7.2012
    • feature - List of trades in Details view made sortable

    • feature - Added one new indicator Bollinger Bands Width Ratio

    • bugfix - Corrected issue with partian goals generation

    • bugfix - Corrected occassional issue with time range settings

    • bugfix - Fixed bug related to PriceDifference building block

    • bugfix - Corrected number of small issues in strategy testing

    Version 2.1.2 - bugfix release

    Released on 10.7.2012
    • bugfix - Corrected issue with ocassional incorrect recognition of timeframe during import

    • feature - Added better validation of exit rules to prevent rules that don't make sense

    • feature - Added better validation of ATR based SL/PT boundaries

    Version 2.1.1 - bugfix release

    Released on 4.7.2012
    • feature - Improved filtering of incorrect ALWAYS TRUE rules

    • feature - Added option to configure program window title

    • bugfix - Corrected problem with negative trailing stop

    • bugfix - Corrected problem with incorrect validation of Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channel rules

    • bugfix - Corrected small issue when re-testing strategies with custom indicators

    Version 2.1 - upgrade release

    Released on 21.6.2012
    • feature - 64-bit version available
      StrategyQuant can now use improved speed and memory management of the newest 64-bit operating systems

    • feature - Greatly improved performance
      StrategyQuant now runs almost 2x faster on newer computers. 64-bit version is even 3x faster than the previous release!

    • feature - added Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA) indicator

    • feature - added posibility to generate strategies on 1 minute data

    • bugfix - Improved backtesting precision
      few bugs fixed and many edge cases solved in both GB and MT4 code, resulting in improved reliability of the backtesting

    • bugfix - fixed error in Strategy Editor when working with VolumeAvg quick rule

    Version 2.0.1 - bugfix release

    Released on 13.6.2012
    • bugfix - Corrected time zone bug introduced in version 2.0.0
      there was a bug that caused newly imported historical data to be stored in a timezone relative to the computer where the program was running.
      As a result, timezone of data could differ on different computers and history data distributed with the program could be shifted. This was fixed, now the program is running in neutral timezone and historical data will work the same on all computers.
      Please reimport all the history data that you imported in version 2.0.0!

    • feature - added Bollinger Band Range as a separate indicator

    • bugfix - corrected problems that caused errors in generated MT4 EA code

    Version 2.0.0 - major release

    Released on 8.6.2012
    • feature - Greatly improved testing speed and support for multi-core processors
      the backtesting speed has been improved by nearly 50% and the new version now also supports multiple cores.

    • feature - Support for tick data
      perhaps the most important feature in the new version. It enables you to test your strategies with biggest possible precision. StrategyQuant now supports configurable input format, so you can import virtually any data into GB without making any conversion.

    • feature - 100% compatibility of test results with MetaTrader4
      this is a nice positive side effect of tick data support. We can now export simulated tick data from MetaTrader and run our GB backtests on this MetaTrader tick data, achieving almost 100% comparability of the results. There will be only very small differences resulting from rounding numbers and the way MT4 computes profit/loss.

    • feature - Strategy Editor
      a new feature that allows you to edit or create a new strategy in an easy-to-use wizard.

    • feature - Custom Indicators
      another important feature enabling you to use your favorite indicators in your strategies without the need for them to be build-in StrategyQuant.

    • feature - Custom Dismiss Options
      a small but important feature that allows us to specify the exact conditions for strategies to be dismissed. This enables us to effectively filter out the strategies that don't fulfill our performance criteria.

    • feature - Configurable Risk-Reward Ratio for SL/PT
      the Strategy Options settings were enhanced with the possibility to define the boundaries for desired Risk - Reward Ratio.

    • feature - Candle Patterns
      new candle patterns building blocks, such as Doji, Hammer, Shooting Star, Engulfing, etc. StrategyQuant also comes with a custom indicator that displays these candle patterns on the chart.

    • feature - New building blocks
      includig Ichimoku, Daily OHLC prices, new Simple rules.

    • feature - Number of smaller enhancements
      such as exports oftrades list and Databank results to CSV file, better source code generation and so on.

    Version 1.1.5 - minor bugfix release

    Released on 15.4.2012
    • feature - Added MaximumTradesPerDay parameter to generated MT4 EA code

    • bugfix - Removed small rare issue when checking license

    Version 1.1.4 - minor bugfix release

    Released on 1.4.2012
    • bugfix - Removed dependency from random.org

    Version 1.1.3 - bugfix release

    Released on 17.2.2012
    • bugfix - Corrected problem with font adjustment on Windows with increased fonts

    • bugfix - Fixed many edge cases when doing partial optimization

    Version 1.1.2 - bugfix release

    Released on 11.2.2012
    • bugfix - Corrected error with history data import

    Version 1.1.1 - bugfix release

    Released on 8.2.2012
    • bugfix - Corrected error with Close above BB block in generated MQL code

    • bugfix - Corrected small problem with test precision on JPY based pairs

    • bugfix - Corrected error related to setting up lookback period

    • bugfix - Corrected error with Yime issue in generated MQL code

    Version 1.1

    Released on 21.12.2011
    • New technical indicators added
      Heiken Ashi candles (open, high, low, close), (WMA) Weighted Moving Average, Parabolic SAR, Keltner Channel, Linear Regression, (QQA) Qualitative Quantitative Estimation.

      • New building blocks - simple rules added
        Close Above/Below Bollinger Band, Close Above/Below Parabolic SAR, MACD Above/Below 0, Long Term/Short Term RSI Above/Below 50, Long Term/Short Term Stochastic Above/Below 50, Long Term/Short Term CCI Above/Below 0, Volume Above/Below Average.

      • New Build Goals settings
        powerful feature that allows to keep a part of the strategy fixed and find the best settings for other part of the strategy.
        This way you can for example keep entry rules fixed and search for the best exit rules.

      • Added automatic strategies negation
        For every generated strategy there are also two negated copies (negation of rules and negation of whole strategy) created and tested.
        This improves the chances of generating a profitable strategy.

      • Option to resume strategy generation
        Now you can decide to keep your existing strategies and start new generation without deleting strategies from the Databank.

      • bugfix - Improved speed when testing strategies with limit max trades per day

      • bugfix - Fixed small error that caused different results between original generation and retest

      • bugfix - Corrected check when defining new symbol