Presenting Tick Downloader

TDD is a free tool that allows you to download free tick data from Dukascopy for realistic backtesting of your trading strategies.

Downloaded tick data can be used as the data source for Birt's TD Suite for MetaTrader4 or StrategyQuant System Builder to perform EA testing or generation on real tick data with 99% test precision.

* High quality tick data are offered for free from Dukascopy broker from their website, make sure you read their terms of use before using them.
Please note that we have no connection with Dukascopy, Tick Downloader is simply a program for convenient data download.

What's New

How to update the program
Simply download and install the new version to the same directory. You will not lose any data.
If you have made change in the default Data output directory path, you should set it to your directory after update.

version 4.4
- fixed configuration of CFDs - fixed initial configuration of download folder

version 4.3
- added autoupdate feature

version 4.2
- program renamed to Tick Downloader due to copyright issues

version 4.1
- added support for time zones with DST when exporting the data
- fixed small bug causing waiting during data download

version 4.0
- based on new platform with simple automatic updates
- now with possibility to change time zone and remove weekend data during export
- fixed issue with incorrect decimal base when downloading index data

version 2.3
fixed initial check, improved export speed and progress log

version 2.2
greatly improved data export speed

version 2.1
fixed stability and memory issues

version 2.0
completely rewritten, now it is 10x faster and exports tick data also to M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1 data

version 1.1
corrected locale problem with decimal numbers format the output CSV file

version 1.0
first version release

Programs that support tick data

Here's a list of programs that can use real tick data downloaded using Tick Downloader. If you know any other program please let us know.

Birt's Tick Data Suite
An excellent solution to test your EAs in MetaTrader4 with real tick data.
A must have for every serious EA developer and tester.
Go to its website


Computer Generated Trading Strategies.
Let your computer generate trading strategies for you using the power of genetic programming and evolution. With ability to export the strategies to MT4 EA code.
Go to its website

AZ-Invest Range Bar and Renko chart plugins for MT4

Complete solution for price based charting on MetatTrader4 - RangeBars, Renko, Median & Turbo Renko plus PointOriginal charts. All chart types can be accurately backtested using real tick data.
Go to its website

Current version: 4.4.0

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