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What-If scenarios allow you to simulate what would happen if you trade only on particular day or hour or with another limitations - allowing you to improve weak points of your strategy

What-If scenarios is a feature in Quant Analyzer tool that allows you to test various hypothesis of trading your strategy.

For example, what if:
  • You trade only from Monday through Wednesday?
  • You took maximum 1 trade per day?
  • You trade only from 9:00 to 15:00 each day?

Why to use What-If scenarios?
You can find out how different scenarios would improve or damage your strategy performance. In combination with Trade analysis you can pick days or hours that are not profitable for your strategy and test the strategy performance without these days.

The power of Quant Analyzer is that it allows you to try different ideas quickly. You can create new What-If scenario in less than a second, so you can experiment with various options and their combinations.

Read more in our documentation: Analyzing and improving your strategies using What-If scenarios

What-If Scenarios are extendable

Every What-If option is implemented as a simple code snippet.
If you want to create your own function that will manipulate the loaded trades you can do it simply in the embedded QuantEditor.

Feature - Monte Carlo Feature - Portfolio Master
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