StrategyQuant supports NinjaTrader™

StrategyQuant now fully supports NinjaTrader™ trading platform!
Trading strategies generated by StrategyQuant can now be exported to a NinjaTrader NinjaScript C# strategy with full source code, ready to be tested or traded in NinjaTrader.
There are no hidden or protected parts, each strategy contains full source code.

NinjaTrader™ is the preferred active trader platform for traders worldwide including our clients.
We are pleased to offer NinjaTrader™ to our clients for many reasons but one great reason is that you can get started with NinjaTrader™ for Free!

Why pay hundreds of dollars per month for products with less functionality when with NinjaTrader™ all you need is access to a real-time or historical data feed. You can also connect NinjaTrader™ to Kinetick™, our preferred market data service, for free End-of-Day data!

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NinjaTrader™ provides superior order entry options!
If you are using the wrong trading platform, order submission and trade management can be a timely and error prone process. Since 2003, NinjaTrader™ has pioneered easy to use yet powerful order entry and trade management functionality to overcome the limitations of other trading platforms helping our clients better achieve their trading goals!

The innovative NinjaTrader™ SuperDOM and Chart Trader set the benchmark for order entry screens and is one reason we recommend it to our clients. Considered the industry’s best order entry screens they provide traders with ease of operation, clear trade visualization and fast entry to capitalize on today’s markets.

  • Easy to see trade visualization
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation
  • Can be use with Advanced Trade Management (ATM) module

Chart Trader
  • Easy to see trade visualization on the chart
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation from the chart
  • Can be use with Advanced Trade Management (ATM) module

Kinetick™ – Our Preferred Market Data Vendor
Active traders world-wide demand reliability, speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness from their financial market data provider and Kinetick™ delivers it to them every day! Kinetick™ provides fast, unfiltered, real time quotes for stocks, futures and forex that exceed the expectations of the world’s most demanding traders, like us!

Please visit the Kinetick™ website to learn more about its capabilities including how it can be used for FREE with End-of-Day data and how to eliminate CME Group Globex exchange fees on real-time market data!

StrategyQuant v. 3.8

  • Lifetime license with all future upgrades for free
  • Possibility to generate unlimited number of trading strategies
  • Simple export to MT4 EA, NinjaTrader™ C# or Tradestation™ EasyLanguage
  • Access to private community forum