What's New

Please note that except releasing new versions we update also the EA generator scripts.

This type of update is made automaticaly without reinstallation, EA Wizard prompts you to download and install autoupdate few minutes after the program starts.

This allows us to add new features like support for Range/Renko charts, new functions or bugfixes without the need of reinstalling the program.

Version 2.0.1

Bugfix release - 23.9.2013
  • bugfix - problem with custom indicator output values - there was a bug where the EA didn't correctly use output value for custom indicators that have multiple output values.
    If you use custom indicators with multiple output values in EA Wizard it is necessary to regenerate your EAs!

  • bugfix - fixed Money management issue that caused that always the same risk percentage was used

  • bugfix - small user intefrace bugfix that caused fields to be uneditable by keyboard in special situations

  • feature - added Draw Arrow Up, Draw Arrow Down actions

  • feature - added Date, dateCurrent and GetDate() functions for convenient work with dates, as addition to time functions

Version 2.0

Released on 6.9.2013
  • bugfix - many smaller bugfixes and improvements in user intefrace and source code generation - they are too many to mention them, the program is now easier to use

  • feature - new, more professional look

  • feature - added more examples to the program

  • feature - better robustness when placing or closing trades - EA repeats the action several times in case of failure

  • feature - Verbose Mode - allows to log all the EA actions for further investination if something is not working as it should

  • feature - added autoupdater- now the program can update most of its parts without the need of reinstallation

  • Version 1.6 - features release

    Released on 1.3.2013
    • bugfix - corrected bug in Move SL()

    • bugfix - corrected bug in strategy name in EA info panel

    • feature - added parameter DisplayInfoPanel to EA - info panel is now optional, it can be hidden

    • feature - added function Orders Average Price() - it calculates the average price for all currently opened orders with given magic number, weighted by lots

    • feature - added function (Condition ? Value 1: Value 2) - if Condition > 0 then it returns Value 1, otherwise it returns Value 2.
      You can use this function to ensure you don't use 0 value (for example in division).

    • feature - new function ConvertPLToRealPips - it converts P/L returned by functions like Open P/L or Closed P/L from pips to real pips that can be compared for example with ATR.
      t will allow to make comparison like: if Open P/L >= 0.5 * ATR(10).

    • feature - new functions MathAbs(), MathRound() - they return absolute or rounded value of given number or indicator

    • feature - new Custom Function, Custom Action items - this is an important enhancement!
      These new functions enable you to use your own custom MQL code in your EAs, either in conditions or in actions.
      Moreover, you can create a library of your own MQL functions in a new /code/CustomFunctions.mq4 file and they will be included into every EA created by EA Wizard!

      This feature is for advanced users and programmers, but it adds almost unlimited flexibility to EA Wizard. Find more description in our tutorial: Using custom MQL code for comparison and actions

    Version 1.5 - features release

    Released on 18.2.2013
    • feature - new Spread, SpreadInPips - it returns current spread in real pips (for example 0.00035) and in pips (for example 3.5)

    • feature - new EA display in MT4 - it shows important statistics about the running EA and your account

    • feature - possibility to move rule tabs to the left or right - it allows you to reorder your tabs

    • feature - possibility to move actions in THEN part up or down - it allows you to reorder your actions

    • feature - new functions HighestInRange(TimeFrom, TimeTo), LowestInRange(TimeFrom, TimeTo) - they will return highest high or lowest low of bars specified by from-to time

    • feature - possibility to use operators like +, - with Indicator Angle function - now you can do constructions like IndicatorAngle(...) > (IndicatorAngle(...)+10)

    • feature - new functions Bars Since Order Open(), Bars Since Order Closed() - they will return a number of bars that passed since the order was opened or closed

    • feature - new function Sum of Closed P/L (in pips) - Returns total closed P/L in pips for the last X orders with given Magic Number.

    • feature - new functions OpenPLInMoney(), ClosedPLInMoney() - they will return open or closed profit for given order in money

    • feature - new functions TotalProfits(), TotalLosses() - they will return a number of total profits or losses in the last X trades

    • feature - new functions Symbol(), OrderSymbol() - they will return symbol on the current chart where the EA is running, or symbol of the order

    • feature - new candle patterns - bearish/bullish Harami and Harami Cross

    • feature - new string constant - it can be used to specify string in the condition, for example for comparison with Symbol() function

    • feature - SendEmailAdvanced() function - new email function that allows you to use concatenated strings in the text message, for example: "Entering at: "+Ask

    • feature - improved Break Even Add Pips and TS Activation Level - you can specify the pricelevels in more flexible ways

    • feature - improved Money Management function - now it should correctly handle accounts in base currency different than USD

    Version 1.4.1 - features release

    Released on 10.12.2012
    • feature - new Source Code Type - Angle Indicator - it now allows to generate a special type of indicator for MT4 that displays angle fof given indicator.
      Here are few samples of this indicator (click with right mouse - Save As..):

    • feature - Log To Journal, Log To File() actions - function that enable you to save configurable logging messages to a file or Strategy Tester Journal. Logging can be used for example to debug your strategies and find out what they are doing.

    • bugfix - Corrected handling of parameters in custom indicators import - fixed bug that caused errors with special parameter values

    • feature - Displaying actually opened file in program status bar

    Version 1.4 - features & bugfix release

    Released on 4.12.2012
    • feature - Indicator Average() function - new function that allows to use average of any indicator in your conditions, to match MT4 functionality of applying moving average to another indicator

    • feature - ConvertToPips() function - function that will convert number from real pips (for example 0.002) to pips (20 pips). It is an opposite function to ConvertToRealPips()

    • feature - OrderOpenedThisTab(), OrderOpenedThisMinute() functions - new functions that return true if order was opened at currentbar or current minute

    • feature - added Base Currency Exch Rate - allows for precise money management if your broker account is not in USD

    • feature - added configurable Max Slippage parameter - allowing youto specify maximum trade slippage

    • bugfix - corrected issue with bad decimal number formats in some non-English locales

    • bugfix - corrected parameter variable type for Hour and Minute

    Version 1.3.1 - features & bugfix release

    Released on 21.11.2012
    • bugfix - corrected issue with float/double parameter type in custom indicators and startegy parameters

    • bugfix - corrected an error with candle patterns in Signal Indicator

    • bugfix - improved Order Closed This Minute funtion

    Version 1.3 - features & bugfix release

    Released on 16.11.2012
    • bugfix - many smaller bugfixes related to custom indicators recognition

    • feature - Order Closed This Minute function - allows to check if the order was just closed. This can be used for example in Martingale strategies, to check that the previous trade just finished to open the next one.

    • feature - Send Email function - allows to send email when the condition is activated.

    Version 1.2 - features & bugfix release

    Released on 6.11.2012
    • feature - Indicator Angle function - allows to measure the angle of indicator rise or decline

    • feature - Trailing Stop Activation Level - allows to specify when the trailing stop should be activated.

    • feature - Assign variables - allows to assign any value to variable in the THEN part and then later use it in the conditions.

    • feature+bugfix - Improved Custom Indicators import - support for up to 50 input parameters, and better parameters recognition.

    • feature - many new functions and items - Order Position, Last Order, Last Order Today, Order Opening Price, Order SL, Order PT, Division, Account Balance, Closed P/L, Close all positions, Time Current, Order Closed This Bar

    • bugfix - many minor code corrections and improvements

    There has been a change in the GetTime() function - a third parameter Seconds was added.
    If you use this function in your strategies just double click on it and confirm the dialog. This will add the third default parameter set to 0.

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