Introduction to EA Wizard

Welcome to the tutorials section for EA Wizard. On the left menu you have several tutorials showing you how to create your own EA in the program.

Contents of this page:
Program walkthrough video
How EA Wizard works
Compilation Warnings Explanation
Other Tutorials Contents

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Program walkthrough video

Click on the image above to start the video.

How EA Wizard works

EA Wizard is a program that enables you to define your trading strategy and then transforms it into real EA for MetaTrader.
Every trading startegy consists of a set of trading rules.
Before you start building your EA you need to know exactly how it should trade - when it should buy or sell and when it should close the position.

The trading rule is in form:

The CONDITION can be any comparison, for example 'CCI > 0', or 'EMA(10) crosses above EMA(20)'.
The ACTION can be opening new order or closing an existing order.

So the trading rule can be for example:
IF (Current Hour = 8 and CCI(50) > 0 and No position is open)
    THEN Enter at Market with Stop Loss: 50 pips and Profit Target: 50 pips.

Once you know your trading rules you can easily define them in EA Wizard in the Trading Rules tab..

You can use unlimited number of rules, for example one rule to go long and second rule to go short.

Please check the other tutorials or watch the video to get an overview how to build your trading rules.
Don't be afraid, it is very simple.

Compilation Warnings Explanation

When you compile your new EA in MetaTrader4, you can see a number of compilation warnings, like on the image below.

This is normal, there's nothing wrong!
The warnings are there just because EA Wizard uses a library of functions that are copied to every EA, but not every EA uses all these functions.
The warnings merely mean that some functions are not used and won't be used in the compiled file.

Other Tutorials Contents

Tutorial 1: Making a simple EMA cross strategy
A step-by-step tutorial of making an EMA cross strategy.

What you'll learn:
  • how to build conditions to trigger trading rules
  • how to open new order
  • how to close an open order

Example strategies

These sample EAs serve as a demonstration of various techniques that can be used in EA Wizard.

Each sample contains detailed explanation of the sample logic and functions it uses, and you can download every sample strategy in EA Wizard format.

List of samples:
Play Sound example
Martingale strategy
Trail Stop programatically by EA
Trail Stop to Low of the previous 5 candles

Manual: List of functions
List of all categories, functions and building blocks in EA Wizard.

If you are missing some function, have any difficulty, or don't know how to do something, don't hesitate to Contact us.