EA Analyzer v.3

Strategy & Portfolio Performance Research Tool

New EA Analyzer 4 Beta released for testing, check it here.

EA Analyzer (EAA) is a powerful strategy & portfolio performance analysis tool that can import your backtest or real trading results and perform advanced analysis, such as periodical performance (by hour, day, day of week, month, etc.), strategy stagnation time, advanced stats(Sharpe ratio, R Expectancy, etc.), performance and correlation of your strategies in portfolio and much much more...

Supports import of results/reports from platforms
with more to be added in version 4 (Beta).
Standard MT4 report
EA Analyzer report
Click on each report to see the full version before (MT4 report) and after (EA Analyzer report)
Why it is important to analyze your strategy / portfolio performance

When you trade with real money, you need as much information about your strategy as possible.
Most trading platforms don't allow you to run more advanced performance analysis tools such as Monte Carlo simulation or What-If analysis, and for sure they don't have a tool to build optimal portfolio (in version 4 Beta).
EA Analyzer can simply take strategy & portfolio performance analysis to the next level, and it could be the difference between success and failure in your trading.

With EA Analyzer you can find more advanced statistics such as consistency of profits, what to expect in terms of drawdown, stagnation and monthly / yearly results for any strategy you intend to trade with real money.
It computes over 60 different performance statistics including Sharpe ratio, Expectancy, System Quality Number. And it is extensible to allow you to compute your own favorite statistics.

It could answer questions like:

  • How will your strategy perform in a portfolio with other strategies?
  • What is the "quality" of the strategy? How does it compare to another strategy you backtested?
  • What are the best / worst days of week to run this strategy?
  • How much the startegy makes monthly or yearly on average?
  • What is the longest period the strategy stagnated before growing to more profits?
...makes this tool absolutely essential to a serious trader
After only a couple hours usage I saw some flaws in my EA's that have cost me a lot of money in the past. Already the cost of the software is recovered. !!

The ability to dissect the production and performance of an EA by day and by the hour according to all the statistical analysis provided makes this tool absolutely essential to a serious trader.

Advanced statistics
Stats like Sharpe Ratio, Return/Drawdown ratio, AHPR, Z-Score, Deviation, Expectancy
Computes how long your strategy stagnates without growing profit
Average profits
Computes average profits by day, month and year
Monthly performance table
Strategy performance broken down to every single month of every traded year
Performance by day of week or hour
Find out which days of week and hours are most profitable for your strategy
Switch between pips/money/pct value
Switching between profit in pips , profit in money or profit in percent can give you a different point of view on your EA
Possibility to import MT4 account statements New in v.2
Now you can import your own account statement from real or demo trading and analyze it
Portfolio report
Combine multiple strategy backtests into one portfolio report or analyze results of your whole portflio
Drawdown chart New in v.2
Displays chart of drawdown together with equity
Portfolio correlation analysis New in v.2
Displays correlation and overlapping trades between different strategies/symbols in your portfolio
Separate stats and charts for long vs short
You can display resuts or charts separately for long o short side, immediately seeing the equity of each direction
Over 20 different performance charts
Trades by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month, Year. Profit/Loss by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month, Year. Long vs Short Trades, Long vs Short Profit. Wins/Losses by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month. Wins/Losses Profits by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month.
What If scenarios Improved in v.3
Allows you to simulate what would happen if you trade only on particular day or hour or with another limitations.
Monte Carlo analysis Improved in v.3
Allows you to run Monte Carlo analysis on your strategy and get better overview of its performance and robustness. What is Monte Carlo analysis and why it is important?
Equity Control analysis Improved in v.3
Allows you to run analysis on different equity contol options.
What is Equity control?
EA Analyzer is now extendable with Your Own custom functions New in v.3
Do you want to add another Equity Control function or What If case? With build-in QuantEditor you can now make your own custom Monte Carlo methods, Equity Control functions or What-If types.
Learn more about extending EA Analyzer

How to use it

EA Analyzer is a Windows program (.exe) that you can download and install on your computer.
The usage is simple:

  1. Run a backtest in your MetaTrader4
  2. In MetaTrader, save your backtest as a HTML strategy report
  3. Start EA Analyzer and load the MT4 strategy report to the program

EA Analyzer will go through the list of trades and generates its own report with advanced statistics. You can save your new EA Analyzer report to a HTML format too.

Screenshots & Examples

Click on any image below to open a gallery

EA Performance overview EA Performance overview in % Equity Chart
Monthly performance in money EA Analysis Monte Carlo result

Example HTML reports generated by EA Analyzer.

Click on the images above to see the full report as HTML page.

Free version

We provide this tool for free, you can download it using the button below. All we ask in return is that you spread the word about EA Analyzer and/or our other programs.
If you like this tool then let your friends and trading colleagues know about it.
If you like it a lot consider purchasing a Pro version for a very affordable price and and help us support EA Analyzer development.

EA Analyzer 32-bit version

Current EAA version: 3.0.0
EA Analyzer 64-bit version

Current EAA version: 3.0.0
Should I choose 32-bit or 64-bit version?

It depends also on your system and memory. 64-bit version should be little bit faster, but it consumes more memory. If you have 64-bit operating system and enough RAM (at least 2-4 GB) OR you are processing really huge backtest reports then you can use 64-bit version.
For normal use 32-bit version is OK, you will not notice a difference.

Free Version Limitations

Free version contains some limitation on its more advanced functionality added in versions 2 and 3:

  1. You can import EA backtest results from MetaTrader4 without any limitations.
    Importing broker account history statements is limited to only first 100 trades of your MT4 demo/real account history statement.
  2. Monte Carlo analysis will process only first 30% of your trades.
  3. Equity control analysis will process only first 30% of your trades.
  4. Running EAA from command line works only with Pro version.

If you need this advanced functionality consider getting a Pro version and help us support EA Analyzer development.

Pro version

Pro version has the same functionality as free version, but it doesn't have any limitations.
There are these purchasing options:

1. Get it for free

You can get a full license of EA Analyzer Pro as a bonus with purchase of StrategyQuant Pro.

2. Lifetime license for $180 one time fee

Lifetime license with all future updates included. You will be able to upgrade to every newer version any time later.

Click Here to get a lifetime Pro license for only $180

3. License for current version for $90 & update subscription for $15 quarterly

You'll get a license for current version and one month of free support & updates. Once this period expires, a $15 quarterly subscription is charged for continued support and updates.
You can cancel this subscription any time and still use your actual Pro version, but then you'll have to pay the full $90 fee again when you'll want to upgrade to a new version of EA Analyzer Pro.

Click Here to get a current version Pro license for only $90

Order online safely and securely
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used

Money back guarantee

Full refund can be requested and will be granted within the first 60 days from the date of the purchase, however please consider trying out the free version prior to purchasing to determine if it meets your needs.

Please Note: This product is delivered digitally. Upon confirmation of your purchase, you'll immediately receive an email with your license.

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