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  • Our campaign for EA Wizard on Forex Peace Army Special Offer made an ALL-TIME record in sales on FPA - read more

Our products

EA Wizard
Strategy Creator

Price: $190

Trading Strategies created by Machine Learning
Price: $695 - $1490

Quant Analyzer Starter/Pro
EA Backtest Analyzer

Price: from $19 / month or $199 one time

Tick Data Downloader
History Tick Data Downloader

Price: Free
Commission: 50%
$63 per sale
Commission: 30%
$71 - $297 per sale
Commission: 40%
$30 per sale
Commission: none

Best ways to promote our products and earn commission

1. Make a review - the best way to promote our product is to make a review. Write a short review of Quant Analyzer, EA Wizard or StrategyQuant and publish it on your website or send it to your mailing list with your affiliate link.

2. Make an upsell - EA Wizard is especially suitable to be a good upsell for any trading system or EA. Offer your new customers possibility to build their own EA without a programming.

3. Earn commission by promoting our free products - indirect promotion can be also extremely effective. Simply offer your visitors one of our free tools (Quant Analyzer or Tick Data Downloader) and send them to the appropriate product page using your affiliate link.
Visitors will be able to download useful product for free, and your referral is still tracked - if they make a purchase anytime later you'll be credited with the commission. You don't even need to actively promote the paid product.

4. Give your visitors a gift - another type of indirect promotion. Give one of our free products to your visitors / mailing list as a gift. If you'll use your affiliate link, you'll still get commission for every product they'll order from us.

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RegNow affiliate program

We use RegNow as our affiliate program provider for all our products except Quant Analyzer.
RegNow/MyCommerce is respectable payment processing company, they handle all the billing and check payments. If you don't have an account with them, please CLICK HERE and open up one now ... it takes less than 2 minutes.

If you have an account already, or you have just opened one up now, just click the link below to add us to your affiliate account: Setup relationship with our vendor account

ClickBank affiliate program

We use ClickBank as our affiliate program provider for Quant Analyzer.
You will need to have a Clickbank ID to promote Quant Analyzer Pro. If you do not have one, sign up for a free account here –

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Affiliate information - RegNow

Direct referral link

You can use the link format below for linking our website, and every referal will be properly tracked by RegNow.
Don't forget to replace XXXXXX with your own RegNow Affiliate ID:

You can also link directly to supgages, for example:

You can also link directly to our free products:
and get commission if visitor later decides to purchase any of our paid products.

This information is related to our main affiliate program at RegNow (for StrategyQuant and EA Wizard products).
To get information about affiliate program for ClickBank (Quant Analyzer Pro), click here.

How are the leads tracked?

We use the RegNow together with AffPowerTrack and everything is 100% transparent. When you refer a visitor to our website using the link above, your referral will be tracked by RegNow & AffPowerTrack. Later, when the visitor makes a purchase (up to 60 days from initial visit through your link), you'll be credited with your commission.

When you are logged in to your RegNow account you can track all activity in real time. Sales are credited in real time.

How can I be sure that the referral is tracted?

You can test it easily - when you use the link for example: and everythign works correctly, the visitor should be redirected to a page:
(without the #aXXXXXX part).
This means that referral was properly redirected and tracked by RegNow.
Note that the redirect will work correctly only if you use correct RegNow affiliate ID.

How can I track clicks?

RegNow affiliate program doesn't offer clicks statistics, and that's where AffPowerTrack comes in. You can log in to your AffPowerTrack panel using your own RegNow ID to see statistics of your clicks & referrals in realtime.

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To see clicks statistics
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Note! You'll be able to log in only after you referred at least one referral using your affiliate link.
To create a login for you, simply refer to our website with your new affiliate link.

How and when will I be paid?

As mentioned, commissions are credited in real time. Payout from RegNow is done on 1st and 15th of every month. Example: Commission earned in December will be transferred to your Bank or PayPal account on 15th January.

Affiliate information - ClickBank

Quant Analyzer is our only product that is sold through ClickBank.

Affiliate link for Quant Analyzer

Our affiliate program for Quant Analyzer is handled by ClickBank. You will need to have a Clickbank ID to work with our program. If you do not have one, sign up for a free account here –

Your affiliate link to promote all our products is:

Please replace “XXXXXXXXX” with your Clickbank Username/ID.

Price and commission

Quant Analyzer is sold either as montly lease (starting at $19 / month) or as one time owned version (starting at $199). The default affiliate commission is 40-60%, depending on purchase type.

Our Affiliate Program News

Our campaign for EA Wizard on Forex Peace Army Special Offer made an ALL-TIME record in sales on FPA

Our recent campaign on Forex Peace Army created a new record in sales on FPA site!
This is a proof that with a good marketing, EA Wizard can sell really well.

They achieved it by creating a limited time special offer - offering a product for a discounted price. You can create a special discount coupon in your RegNow affiliate apanel.
If you have more than 10k subscribers and you plan a discount offer campaign, contact us for possible cooperation.

We started using AffPowerTrack addon for RegNow, now you can get real stats about your clicks

AffPowerTrack is an add-on for RegNow affiliate program that offers simpler affiliate links and more importantly, it gives you realtime statistics of every click that was made on your affiliate link.
You don't need to activate anything, all you need to do is to start using new affiliate links and the clicks will be automatically tracked. You can then view the statistics in your aff panel.

Products description

EA Wizard

EA Wizard is a tool that allows anybody to create Expert Advisors for MetaTrader4, quickly, simply, without programming.

StrategyQuant EA Wizard is a tool that virtually every trader needs.
You probably agree that at some point of time, almost every trader feels the need to make his own EA.
Be it either to backtest his trading idea, or to automatize his manual trading, or to simply create a simple signal alert indicator.



StrategyQuant is an unique software that allows your computer to generate new, unique trading strategies using the power of genetic programming and evolution. With ability to export the strategies to MT4 EA code.

With StrategyQuant you don't need to define how exactly your new robot should work.
All you have to do is to choose indicators, price values and other components you want to use in the trading strategy and StrategyQuant will do the rest. No programming or trading knowledge is required.


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